Glass painting

Glass is used in all sorts of extraordinary interior designs because it is versatile and gives a modern feel that influences any environment. And by tinting the glass, you can get new perspectives. The colours change the whole surrounding picture, giving it a special glow. It’s practically impossible not to fall in love with painted glass and admire its elegance.

Glass painting options

You have the opportunity to choose how to paint the glass from hundreds of colours available in the RAL catalogue. You can think of special patterns or shades to create light effects. The only limit is your own imagination. But if you don’t have any problems in this area, there’s nothing to worry about. Plus, we’re your experts on tinted glass and if you need advice, you can consult us. We’ll tell you which are the most popular designs or colours for what you want and possibly make a recommendation. The fact is, however, that the decision will be entirely up to you.

When do we use glass painting?

Before we list the classic situations in which people want to paint glass, we want to make two things clear:

1. Glass can be painted regardless of its thickness and where you will use it.

2. Our technologies allow us to paint the glass quickly, so you don’t waste a lot of time waiting, but complete your project immediately.

Glass is generally painted: cladding for kitchen and bathroom walls (instead of wallpaper or tiles), interior doors, partitions in offices and shopping centres, table tops, etc.

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Glass painting


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