Bulletproof glass

This high-performance solution is ideal for reducing the risk of accidents or attacks, providing extra protection against bumps, pushes or impacts with hard objects.

In addition, our bulletproof glass is BR2 and BR3 certified, which means that it has successfully passed resistance tests against breakage attempts with objects of various sizes and speeds, providing a high level of safety and protection.

The manufacturing process of bulletproof glass

This is a complex and delicate process, involving the use of advanced materials and technologies. During the production process, the glass is toughened and laminated with EVA film to create a safety barrier against breakage.

So, if the bulletproof glass is hit or broken, it will still remain in its entirety, with large or small shards, but they will be held together by the EVA layer, which will prevent the shards from falling or spreading. This can help prevent injury and damage, making bulletproof glass an ideal solution for a variety of applications, including construction, automotive, banking and public institutions.

Securizare Sticla

Real Glass guarantees high quality and professional service in the installation and delivery of bulletproof glass, ensuring that it is made in accordance with the most rigorous European standards. The company is dedicated to providing its customers with the best solutions for safety and protection, with a focus on quality and safety.

For more information about our bulletproof glass services, please contact us. We are here to help you find the right solution for your safety and security needs.

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Bulletproof glass


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