Glass blasting

If you are passionate about beauty and want to turn your surroundings into a work of art, sandblasting the glass you work with or come into contact with is a more than inspired decision. It gives a special air to the place wherever it is located – indoors or outdoors, but is generally preferable in enclosed spaces. In fact, sandblasted glass limits the light inside and flirts with shades, which it enhances to your liking.

How does glass blasting happen?

To better understand the idea of sandblasting, it is important to know that in the past it was a cleaning and preparation stage that surfaces went through before being painted. Basically, sandblasting involves exposing surfaces (metal, wood or whatever) to abrasive particles at high speed. The glass is sandblasted mainly with extremely fine sand. When the concept of sandblasting glass first appeared, it was an extremely cumbersome process because it was done by hand. Nowadays, professional blasting machines are used, with advanced technologies, as we have at Real Glass.

Glass sandblasting - from simplicity to extravagance

Sandblasting glass allows exploration, and can be achieved through an explosion of colour and form that can impress even the most demanding critic. This process is a successful replacement for engraving, more affordable and at least as spectacular. The customer can select the look they want and we will do our best to meet their requirements.

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Glass blasting


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