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Laminating glass is an exceptional solution for various cases where practical properties need to be combined with appearance. Why? Because laminated glass is made of two sheets of glass joined in the middle by a clear, in some cases coloured, elastic foil with multiple patterns, allowing it to stand out in all circumstances (unique design). In addition, lamination can be done for unsecured, toughened and curved glass.

Laminated glass (also known as laminated glass) is an assembly of two or more sheets of glass (between which there may also be sheets of plastic) bonded together with one or more special EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) films.

Depending on their performance in terms of safety and security in operation, laminated glass can be:

– Laminated non-safety decorative bottles

– Laminated injury safety bottles. In the event of accidental breakage, the resulting shards remain stuck together and there is no danger of injury.

– Laminated bottles for fall protection. They support the weight of a person accidentally falling on glass.

– Fire-resistant laminated safety bottles.

– Vandal / burglary proof security bottles.

Depending on the requirements for protection against armed attack or explosion, laminated glass can meet different levels of protection, from protection against small arms to protection against explosions.

Depending on their spectro-photometric performance, laminated glass can have thermal insulation, solar control, fire resistance, multiple functions or be highly selective.

Laminated glass can also have an acoustic insulation function, as the laminating foils used have a certain sound absorption capacity.

Benefits of glass lamination

Increases safety
If you’re afraid of breaking glass, laminating it may be a wise choice. With this innovative process, two- or even three-layer glass won’t disintegrate on the floor in the event of an accident and won’t hurt anyone.

Attractive design
As mentioned earlier, laminating the glass gives it a certain shine and presence. You can even put an LED foil on the edge of the glass for a truly magical effect.

Resists moisture
Laminated glass is thicker, has more protective elements and therefore manages to keep moisture at bay.

Improves sound insulation
Who doesn’t want peace and quiet, to be at least a little away from the noise outside? Laminating the glass contributes to some extent to this comfort.

It’s versatile
Besides the fact that lamination doesn’t take into account that the glass is toughened or curved, it can be used in countless places afterwards: in windows, railings, appliances, doors, furniture and more.

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