Glass bending

Are you a fan of a modern architectural style with futuristic influences? Do you like the elegance befitting the 21st century and, why not, think ahead? You can set an innovative trend yourself. Glass is an element that fits perfectly into such a design, whether it be outdoor or indoor. That is, of course, if you seek specialist help in shaping it. We are experts in bending glass, achieving amazing results: doors, shower cubicles, glass for certain pieces of furniture, etc.

How does glass bending occur?

When we think of curvature, we imagine elasticity and free movement. In reality, it’s not quite that simple, at least not when it comes to bending glass. First, the glass has to be heated to temperatures between 650 and 700 degrees in a special oven, at which point the shape can be changed (the curvature of the glass) with extraordinary precision, and then cooling takes place at a slow, gradual pace.

Technical details about glass bending

Maximum bottle size
⌒ 1200 x 2440 mm
Minimum bottle size
⌒ 500 x 200 mm
Glass thickness
4 - 19 mm
Minimum radius
R ≥ 550 mm
4 - 5 mm, arc length less than 800 mm
R ≥ 1000 mm
6 - 8 mm
R ≥ 1800 mm
10 - 12 mm
R ≥ 3000 mm
15 - 19 mm
Approximately 26 - 28 pieces/hour
With 5 mm clear glass in full size

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Glass bending


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