Glass melting

Glass sanding is an important step (which should always be done, if you ask us) to achieve top-level results. Glass sanding is very important before it is tempered, laminated, painted or printed. You cannot ensure maximum protection without the glass being fully prepared to go through the process, i.e. free from any possible imperfections.

What does glass grinding involve?

In simple terms, glass grinding refers to the processing of the edges of the glass sheets. What does this mean? Well, the sharp (cutting) edges are properly arranged and the glass is worked until everything is in optimal parameters.
Glass sanding can be done manually or automatically. The first category is by far more difficult to execute because it requires a lot of time and attention to detail, which means it is subject to human error. We use modern equipment that meets European standards of excellence in the field, because we want our customers to benefit from the highest quality service possible. The machines used by us for glass grinding are: numerically controlled centres and linear machines with a minimum of 9 automatic processing motors/edge.

Professionalism, reliability and passion for glass polishing

Although it may seem like a rather exhausting and not at all fascinating job, we, the Real Glass team, do it with pleasure, because we love glass and everything related to it. It’s fascinating to identify each edge and unify it. What’s more, we are aware of the responsibility we have: a bottle that is not (correctly) sanded can break during securing.

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Glass melting


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